Younger Women Demand Paid Work: A Sign of Changing Times

Amidst the worldwide change in various aspects of the workforce, one significant changing trend has been observed amongst women employees. Research by the International Labor Organization and Gallup mentions that “in all regions of the world, young women aged 15 to 29 are the most likely group of women to say they would prefer to have paid work rather than to work and care for the home or to stay at home.” 

The study states that the reasons for this are that women are more vulnerable to low pay, working poverty, and find it difficult to get full-time job opportunities, especially in informal settings, due to a lack of options. What’s positive about this finding is that women are willing to take on work outside their households and demand deserving pay for it. 

The fact that this trend is more visible amongst the younger population shows that younger women have begun understanding their worth in the employment sector and the value of their work. This is probably also on account of the fact that in the field of education, women have found equal footing, though there are still some fields where women are a minority (e.g. engineering). Such changes are significant since these are positive steps towards achieving gender equality. 

Only when one recognises their merit can one demand equal wages, opportunities, and even leadership positions. Therefore, it is necessary to identify these changing trends and acknowledge them to bring about equal and worthwhile participation of women in the workplace. 

-Shamatmika Rathore 

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