Women on Boards – We need more

“We cannot dim our light that makes us special.” – Jacqueline Carlyle

The Bold Type is one show that portrays the position of women in a workplace which is essentially female-dominated. But the stark reality portrayed is that there are no women on the board of Stafford, the publishing house of Scarlet magazine.

When Jacqueline is asked to try for a vacant position that opens up on the board, she chooses to stay on with Scarlet as the editor-in-chief. But the way she reacts to this situation says a lot about the issue. She also mentions that she’d love the idea of having another woman member in the boardroom.

On several occasions in the show, the women from Scarlet are shown pitching to a board of entirely white old men. What we need is more confident women like Jacqueline in the boardroom.

Come join our movement to have more women in leadership roles. Share your thoughts on how we can get there.

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