Who are the Leaders that you admire and seek to emulate?

We all know about and have perhaps faced the glass ceiling at some point. Or even not feeling heard in a meeting, because of our gender. Who are the Leaders that you look at for inspiration, who have managed to overcome the biases against their gender / race / colour / origin? Whose stories make you strive harder to achieve your personal and professional goals?

1 thought on “Who are the Leaders that you admire and seek to emulate?”

  1. If we look at the world right now, one person whose leadership stands out for me is Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. When we are in the midst of a unprecedented global crisis like COVID, the true character of the leaders shows up. What do they focus on, how do they respond, what efforts do they make to communicate with the wider community, how they the model the desirable behaviour and much more.

    What really stands out for me with regard to Jacinda Ardern is her authenticity. She is a natural and empathetic communicator who doesn’t preach at people, but instead signals that she’s “standing with them.”

    According to Claudia Peus “Authentic leaders are guided by sound moral convictions and act in concordance with their deeply held values, even under pressure. They are keenly aware of their views, strengths, and weaknesses, and strive to understand how their leadership impacts others.”

    Authentic leaders are aware of their own values and have the courage to stand up and act on their values, even under strenuous circumstances. Authentic leaders also show up as genuine and approachable and actively cultivate open and honest relationships through self-disclosure. The really mature leaders know that they cannot have full perspectives on every situation and hence invite the perspectives of others to get a better and more inclusive understanding of the situation. Such leaders have the power to take people along even in the most difficult situations.

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