Which is a good dance form to introduce to my 7 year daughter? Thanks in advance

2 thoughts on “Which is a good dance form to introduce to my 7 year daughter? Thanks in advance”

  1. I had this discussion with my teen cousins a few years ago.

    While their parents wanted them to learn either something Indian classical or Jive & Ballroom – We are Manglorean – we dance at every opportunity, the teens were actually more keen on “Bollywood Dance” which was met with aghast looks from everyone in the family.

    But, deeper conversation revealed that all their friends had joined the Bollywood Dance Class and they wanted to be a part of that group.

    Having being ‘pressured into’ piano classes for 8 years from the age of 7, I would say ask your daughter what she would like to do – give her the choice – it will make her experience better, she will enjoy it more as it is her choice, there’s a greater chance of her sticking to it.

    Extra curriculars should be fun and something a child looks forward to, not just one more activity on a time table.

    PS: I still don’t touch my piano or keyboards at my parents house

  2. I would suggest showing her a couple of dance videos from YouTube and then letting her decide what form of dance she would like to take up.

    Another would be watching reality dance shows. My favourite ones are- So You Think you can Dance, Got to Dance, Britain’s got Talent, and America’s got Talent.
    These shows showcase various forms of dance like – ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, salsa, Bollywood, hip-hop  ballroom, jiving etc.

    I’ve always liked dancing. Between the ages of 7 to about 11, a couple of girls and I would meet up at my friend’s place after school and learn how to dance. It was mostly to Bollywood songs. But, I remember learning more than just dancing from the dance teacher; she taught us about facial expressions in other Indian dance forms which later helped all of us in competitions.
    I will always have very fond memories of those dance classes.

    Very often the type of music that we listen to/brought up with, also contributes to the type of dance form one is interested in.
    I’m from Mangalore and grew up listening to English music of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. Because of this and the parties I went to as a child, I would always watch the dance floor being full of couples jiving away to  energetic tunes. Jiving is a dance form I’ve always wanted to learn, but was a little too young for it then. But now that I’m 22, a friend and I are thinking of signing up for Jive lessons. We are looking very forward to those classes 🙂

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