What do you want to know about COVID?

As most of you know, we are beginning our monthly webinars on the 18th of April Sunday with a frontline perspective of battling covid.

We have with us Dr Smrati Bajpai Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at KEM – who is at the forefront of this battle at one of the busiest government hospitals in Mumbai

We also have Leanne Pais a psychological therapist and founder of  The Unopened Box. who has been helping her clients deal with this new normal.

What questions would you like to ask them. Share them here or in the chat box when you join us live on Zoom at 5pm IST

Free Registration Link: http://bit.ly/galaxshebattlingcovid

2 thoughts on “What do you want to know about COVID?”

  1. Thanks Kim, the talk on Galaxshe was very good and informative. Dr Smarti was very crisp and practical with her answers and suggestions. Leanne was very reassuring. Overall a great conversation,

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