What can I do to deal with a toxic work environment?

I work in a startup and the founder is very aggressive. As we are under tremendous pressure due to Covid, the work environment has become very toxic and I feel stuck in the role. What are my options in the current scenario?

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  1. Hi Aparajita,

    Try a few things out and see if it helps.

    • think positively even if you initially have to fake it out. It should give you the courage and strength to deal with pushy or edgy situations.
    • never hesitate to voice out your opinion, but try using diplomacy in your tone.
    • music can lighten up your mood while at work. Listening to good music usually eases mammoth work situations.
    • an aggressive boss is like a mouse in your house. Find the cheese that can act as a bait to trap him/her to start appreciating your contribution. for that you will have to think and work innovatively.
    • make ‘To-Do’ daily lists and try ticking them off on a daily basis. Do not carry forward to the next day, if possible.
    • try to add in humour while at work. It eases the stress you might be going through.
    • never forget the good old quote – ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ Motivational quotes bring in a massive change in the way you deal with situations.
    • changing jobs because of a difficult situation is not a solution but just an escape route, but there is no guarantee that you will not face a similar situation in the next job. The best solution would be to remain calm and handle the situation tactfully.

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