Was there a time you messed up and felt like you’d failed? How did you bounce back?

Last year was really tough for me and I made some wrong choices. How do I shake off this sense of being a failure.

6 thoughts on “Was there a time you messed up and felt like you’d failed? How did you bounce back?”

  1. All of us make choices, it’s just that some turn out to be wrong. Be happy that you made a choice instead of being in a lull. You did what you did, if you’d like to rectify it, think of ways to do that. If you don’t see a point rectifying it, examine it and take the learning seriously and move on.

    On a lighter note, 2020 is cancelled and so is everything associated with it. So we all get a do-over. Lets start again.

    Hug yourself a little tighter today.

  2. Sreeja Sreedharan

    Breathe in, breathe out. Everybody makes choices, some dont work out and that’s when we call them wrong. You did what you did, now look ahead only.

    Examine if you want to rectify anything, try to rectify what is in your control and take your learnings seriously so that you dont repeat them.

    On a lighter note, 2020 and all that came with it has been cancelled, so blame it on the year and start over!

    Hug yourself a little tighter today and smile.

  3. Hi,

    Whenever myself review indicated that ” it messed up”. First thing I respect/ appreciate my choice .Second ,I acknowledge and accept the result and last but not least I redesign my strategy to get the desired results and act. I keep ownership with me.😊

    Explore this thought and see..if u feel any change in your strengths. Best wishes.


  4. Failures have a great impact on us. We learn lessons that get deep rooted. We learn to value and stay humble. So yes, it’s IMPORTANT to Fail. Even if felt like an end to life. Because that’s where a new life begins:)

    Get up on a fresh day and plan your future. One hour, day, week, fortnight , month at a time 🙂
    Life is precious. The earlier we realise you get a chance to give it back to many 🙂

    I wish you Happiness and Peace within. Huggs ..

  5. Cry it out or express it with self and people you rely on.

    Talk to someone you look upto for advices , coaching .

    Shrug it off..it’s over and you have some great lessons learnt .. there was some good in that as well.. in the big scheme of life, A year of failure does not matter. The new b beginning is in your mind.. open it up , manifest –  open the new untapped doors of life ! 🙂

    Give best to every day .. let the heart and mind be true to purpose and humble .


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