first impression


first impression

Have you ever walked into a room and subconsciously gravitated towards that one human who makes you feel like he or she owes the space just by being in it? That perfectly put together person standing tall and poised exudes a confidence we all would like to emulate.

Do we stop and ponder what is it that attracted us? I’m talking of the very first impression, that jolt we experience. The impact we feel is genuine. A lot of it can be attributed to positive body language and grooming. A confident, composed person that can engage with all in the room has more impact on the audience than a poster child for Chanel, Jimmy Choo or Louis Vuitton combined.

A positive body language cannot be faked for an extended period of time. A real smile and eye contact is exactly that, real. Wars are won by the right attitude, life’s toughest hurdles overcome. This comes naturally and effortlessly to some, may have to be cultivated by others. Whichever be the case, it is an extremely useful habit to acquire and nurture.

Grooming commands respect and that all important first glance. An unkempt genius is pegged unkempt at first glance, only later acknowledged a genius. That’s not to say that being well dressed makes up for lack of knowledge, it never ever can, but it definitely opens that first door.

I’ve done a fair bit of disservice to self by running out of the house looking like something the cat dragged home. Soon the heady (over) confidence of extreme youth gave way to a more mature realization of self and I decided to whip myself into shape and learn from the environment around me. Without going into details let’s just say I’ve been a happy camper since.

Being the “energizer bunny” every day of our lives is not realistic either. Some days we are down and out. That’s when we need to pull up our socks, think about that all important first impression, fake confidence till we bounce back. This may also be the time to air out that brand name confidence booster in our closet because every little weapon in the arsenal helps.

The next time you walk into a room, be the person everyone turns to look at, and desires to have a word with. It’s not easy and transformation may not come overnight. But until we try, how will we know WE CAN??

Priyanka Tandan


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