Stars of GalaxShe – Oindrila Purohit

Leadership has no bounds, be it corporate. social or entrepreneurial.

In this week’s Stars of GalaxShe series, we bring you the story of someone who encompasses all three.

A Marcomm professional, Professor, story writer, and creative genius of an entrepreneur, Oindrila Purohit narrates her journey and shares so key insights and messages.

Trained in mass communication, she spent her early career as a media and marketing communication professional with prominent brands. After spending a decade and a half in corporate roles, she stepped aside to start her company Grooming Babies Global Pvt. Ltd. Through this venture she facilitate new-born parents in advancing their knowledge and child upbringing skills. The essence of their effort to build a community of conscious parents.

Today, besides being an entrepreneur, she is a professor of media and communication with Whistling Woods International. She is also a certified storyteller, a writer – having written a children storybook and contributed articles to parenting websites, an appreciator of Indian folk heritage and, a believer in the healing powers of a happy childhood, Through her company, she designs culture enriched engagement platforms for parents and children, bringing to them the ancient Indian literature and folk traditions in a contemporary and child-friendly way.

In her personal space, she is a seeker of esoteric spirituality, a believer of universal oneness, and an avid consumer of oral stories. Of all the roles she performs, it is being a mother to her girl and her pets that satisfy her the most.

She is also a member of the Indian Association for Promotion of Adoption and Child Welfare.

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