Stars of GalaxShe – Devi Menon

Stars of GalaxShe
Stars that shine bright
Stars that shine on you
In their glitter and sparkle
You will glow too!

Stars of Galaxshe

We are thrilled to bring to you stories of success that will inspire you to take the leap forth.

We believe that sharing these real insights by senior, successful women will help many women ignite and revive their aspirations. Stars of GalaxShe is an interesting series of audio or video stories of women leaders from various walks of life.

Today we bring to you the story of our first Star – Devi Menon.

Devi is a storyteller, a graphic novelist! What we found amazing about her was that she has a full-time job, a young kid, lives in London, and did not have any art background and yet pursued her interest and launched a graphic novel called – Amla Mater. It’s a graphic novel about finding home 5,000 miles away. It is sure to tug your heartstrings if you’re missing home or haven’t been able to travel to India in recent time.

Her book was published by Yali Books, an independent publisher of books with a focus on South Asian cultures. You can read more about Devi here and check out her book on Amazon here.

It’s never too late to pursue your passion, change careers and simply live a fulfilling life.

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