Stars of GalaxShe – Catherine Yeow

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.”

Surprises may come along the way
Surprises that you will learn a lot from
Resilience and strength built overtime
Keep moving forward, ladies Keep moving forward.
Take a chance, learn from other’s stories
Challenge yourself and there is no ceiling
Keep moving forward, ladies Keep moving forward.

Today’s star Catherine Yeow, Group Business Leader for Singapore & Thailand for HRnetOne, shares her leadership stories with us. Stories that will surely make you question those challenges you see as hurdles.

With 22 years of industry experience spanning across multiple specialisations and functions, Catherine’s contributions have been instrumental in moulding the HRnetOne brand into what it is today.

Her talent for creating and building strong relationships with her clients has seen many staying as Key Accounts since the day she started. Over the years, Catherine has developed and implemented talent practices that included succession planning, identification and assessment of high-potential talent and leadership competencies.

She views herself as a partner to the clients by working closely with them through a personalised and systemic approach. Her goal with every client is to create customized solutions through an in depth understanding of organisational dynamics.

Get inspired in your journey.

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