How do I explain to my parents that I want to do something in digital media and not go into administrative services or something conventional?

Since I’m pursuing a degree in English, I have often been told to go into the administrative services through competitive exams as per the norm, while I want to do something in creative fields like digital media. No matter how I explain it to them, they are not willing to understand. What should I do in such a situation?

2 thoughts on “How do I explain to my parents that I want to do something in digital media and not go into administrative services or something conventional?”

  1. Hi Needhi,

    There is a great comfort in familiarity. And that is part of the reason why we see entire families engaged in similar professions or businesses.

    Parents and elders in the family do want the best for their children. At some level, they also feel that if their child works in a field that they are familiar with, then they can continue to ‘help’ them on their career journey.

    That said, your life is yours and your career choice should be yours too – as you are the person who will have to live with it and work at it.

    I’m not exactly sure how the situation you are facing is, but sometimes trying to explain your decision logically rather than emotionally can help. If you have role models in the field of your choice, talk about them and show examples of the work that they create. Explain to them what the field of digital media entails.

    When conversations get highly emotionally charged, people tend to stop listening and only try to put their own point across.

    Change the conversation tone from ‘you do not understand, you will not understand me’ to ‘ can I help you understand what this is and why I feel so strongly about it and why I would rather do this’

    Discuss the topic in a way that you would speak to a college counselor, a mentor or a future boss.

    It may take time for them to start viewing you as an adult capable of making her own decisions, but you need to do your best to stay calm during these conversations.

    Sometimes convincing an older cousin or a favourite aunt or a grandparent first, can help garner support if this is a topic that comes up during large family group conversations.

  2. Conflicts give strength to our choices. Make a very detailed and logical analysis of why you do not want to pursue the career path your parents think is best for you. Once the logic is clear to you, try and talk to your parents calmly. Be sure to consider their points with patience. Need not be only one conversation. You can have multiple conversations. Take time to do an inner analysis. If your career path is what you truly want, it is likely that you will be able to convince your parents.

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