Should I live fearfully

Should I Be Living Fearfully?

Why do you choose fear over boldness? The big – gest obstacle to empowerment is the fear of rejection. When you stand for yourself, it challenges many people. They do not align with your stand, and you may lose them from your circle. It is hurtful as you wish them to support you in your new path.

There is a reason for this shift of people from your new space. When you choose to step out of your comfort zone by taking one bold step forward, it has an equal and opposite impact. You have invoked Newton’s Law, which holds good in every aspect of life.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So, when you choose the comfort of staying safe, you will remain safe with the same people. There will be a minimal shift. However, when you wish to challenge your safety net by making a difference in your life, you experience an equal and opposite resistance and reaction from your surroundings. You walk into a new portal and create a new lifestyle and circle.

Boldness requires clarity, responsibility, and authority. Responsibility and authority go hand in hand. When you choose one, the other comes as a package deal. Most times, power is what attracts people minus the responsibility that comes with it. It is the responsibility for owning your decisions and standing and supporting yourself irrespective of how others react, which creates fear. It is not the unknown that creates fear; it is losing the known that is more fearful. Taking that step with a leap of faith is the hardest. Once you have taken that step, it is easier to walk the path.

Why do you need self-belief, faith, and responsibility to take that bold step? When you walk that tight rope, your success depends on your balance. If you are shaky, indecisive, and doubtful, you will fall. That balance comes when you believe you can do it, irrespective of what others say. You can only move forward with boldness when you let go of the leash of “what will others say” or “will I be judged or abandoned?”

It is not the external fear and judgement that holds you back; it is the internal fear and obstacle that creates the conflict.

The most common conflict that people experience is, should I please others and live with fear, or should I live the life I believe? The first option entitles you to blame others for your upsets and less than ideal life. In this, you are living from others’ opinions and perspectives. There is no harm in understanding others’ viewpoints, as long as you know what is yours.

The second option gives you ownership of your life’s decision and outcome, and you create your masterpiece. You choose and take full responsibility and authority over your life.

You can only embrace this option when you believe every experience is excellent; either you succeed or you learn.

Sangeeta Maheshwari, Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

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