Saturday night..

With covid blurring weekdays and weekends into an endless stream of days.. there is no more fun  around Saturday nights!

Need some suggestions on how to make saturday nights fun again!

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  1. I know it seems hard where one day pretty much seems the same as any other when we are stuck in lockdown.

    The trick is to do something different, something special over the weekend.

    For us, weekdays at home are rushed and working over multiple time zones makes it difficult to co-ordinate even meal times, so weekday meals are muesli or a quick sandwich or just a cup of coffee. But one day over the weekend, I cook a more elaborate and filling brunch – full English, Pav Bhaji, you get the idea. We sit down and eat together and enjoy the food.

    You could make one afternoon or evening a ‘game night’ , pull out a board game, play a couple of games of cards. Try and stay away from screens that take us so much time during the week – tv, laptop, mobile

    I like to take an afternoon, to just quietly read a book for an hour.

    Just do something different, something you do not get time for during the week, something that relaxes you, something that makes you happy (not adds to your workload)

    Alone time or family time, what is more precious to you? Do something that can give you that satisfaction

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