Why do working women feel guilty?

ForumCategory: CareerWhy do working women feel guilty?
Sonali Staff asked 2 years ago

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Aparna answered 2 years ago

Ha ! Perhaps because everyone expects us do something – and we are doing something else. We do this to our kids right – all the time – guilt trip them – “oh you’re not doing your homework? you’re watching TV? That’s so so bad!” That’s the same collective messaging that is happening with us – we are guilt tripped into believing we should be cooking , cleaning, child rearing, taking care of people…. all those chores the others don’t want to be doing. We should give it right back I say !

Aparna answered 2 years ago

Interesting observation is that all women are made to feel guilty – working or not…

Chimri Joshi answered 2 years ago

Interesting question. My mom was a teacher and growing up, she taught us how important it is to have a profession. And it didn’t have to consume our lives but was important as a way to keep us interested and engaged with stuff outside of family.
I suppose working women put a lot of pressure on themselves. They want the beautiful home, want the best career , well balanced kids. And not compromise on any of the above.
Once Indira Nooyi had said how she ‘ tolerated ‘ relatives as they were like a support system for raising her kids. At the time she said it.. I was aghast at her candidness. But looking back I loved her clarity. She didn’t need to be the perfect relative. She had no qualms of saying she needed them.
I believe it’s changing now. Women , especially the younger ones are not obsessed like their moms to be the best in everything

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