What can I do to deal with a toxic work environment?

ForumCategory: CareerWhat can I do to deal with a toxic work environment?
Aparajita Rao asked 3 years ago

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Amitha Iyengar answered 2 years ago

Hi Aparajita,
Try a few things out and see if it helps.
think positively even if you initially have to fake it out. It should give you the courage and strength to deal with pushy or edgy situations.
never hesitate to voice out your opinion, but try using diplomacy in your tone.
music can lighten up your mood while at work. Listening to good music usually eases mammoth work situations.
an aggressive boss is like a mouse in your house. Find the cheese that can act as a bait to trap him/her to start appreciating your contribution. for that you will have to think and work innovatively.
make ‘To-Do’ daily lists and try ticking them off on a daily basis. Do not carry forward to the next day, if possible.
try to add in humour while at work. It eases the stress you might be going through.
never forget the good old quote – ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going!’ Motivational quotes bring in a massive change in the way you deal with situations.
changing jobs because of a difficult situation is not a solution but just an escape route, but there is no guarantee that you will not face a similar situation in the next job. The best solution would be to remain calm and handle the situation tactfully.

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