what are some tips for health once you touch 50 :)

ForumCategory: Health, Wellnesswhat are some tips for health once you touch 50 :)
sonal sancheti asked 2 years ago

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Dr Sudeshna Ray answered 2 years ago

Sonal, 50s are a great time to celebrate womanhood! With a little care, they can be really enjoyable. The difference of the 50s from the 30s and 40s is most of the women would be postmenopausal which means the umbrella of protection from the menstrual hormones is gone and a woman’s risk of heart, bone, and brain disease becomes equal to that of a man. Hence taking care of lifestyle becomes more important than before. A daily diet of 200 calories lesser than what you had in your 40s , consisting of more of brown and natural coloured foods and weekly dose of brisk aerobics and resistance training, works very well for most women. And please do not forget monthly  breast examination and yearly health check ups

Sreeja S answered 2 years ago

A master health check up that covers all important areas of your body. Try to eat a well-balanced diet and a 20 mins basic work out everyday. Avoid chemicals as much as a you can in and around you. A good doctor prescribed multi vitamins and a good feet and nail care regime.
A lot of self care and love, me time and good sleep.

Shalini Shrivastav answered 2 years ago

This is not really an answer but a comment. I think this is a great question. Women need to know all they can, and do all they can, about caring for their health, specially once this milestone is reached. Eat well and rest well. Keep your interests, passions and hobbies alive – this can be good for mental as well as physical health.

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