What advice would u give ur 20 year old self!

ForumCategory: Happy SpaceWhat advice would u give ur 20 year old self!
Sonalee Staff asked 3 years ago

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Soumya answered 2 years ago

Sonalee, if i got to be 20 once again i would take myself and my life lightly.
I would have appreciated my self , my friends , my family and my life more
I would have reached out for guidance to understand my inner calling, my inner strengths and my deep passion instead of jumping into conventionally acceptable course of life.
I would have devoted more time to build On my creative side like art, music etc
I would have travelled fearlessly.
I would have planned my investments better so that I could retire sooner without worrying about financial security.

Chimri Joshi answered 2 years ago

Go girl!!
Everyone around you is obsessing about themselves. No one is really bothered about you. So don’t wait for approvals and affirmation that u got ur act together.
And like Jakes says be kind .. not only to others but most of all yourself.
You are a diamond. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Saritha Kunder answered 2 years ago

1. Time is precious
2. Learn to love unconditionally and beyond self
2. Stay happy – make it a concious choice
3. Respect all living in your circle of presence and influence
4. Work hard and smart everyday
5. Eat healthy , breathe well 🙂 !!
Hope this helps ..

Jakes answered 2 years ago

A few things:
1. The world is your oyster. Try everything, because we only regret the chances not taken. There is nothing you cannot do.
2. Don’t worry, be happy. Smile and you attract more. Put your hand out in friendship first.
3. It does not matter what anyone else thinks – if it feels right in your gut, then go ahead.
4. Being correct is important but being kind is much more important; especially to yourself; love thyself!
5. It is okay to not keep scores or grudges even if you have been wronged – because those who caused the wounds have moved on to create more of those elsewhere.
6. Fake it if you have to, until you become it.
7. You don’t have to be A-Plus in everything in life. When you have multiple priorities, choose the battles well and make the most. Stop feeling guilty.
8. It is alright to say “No”.

Madhur answered 2 years ago

Advice to my 20 year old self and Something that I try to live by now… my mind, my skills, my strengths, my body, my attitude – are good enough; to not only keep me going, but also thriving . I should not spend a day feeling inadequate or under confident.

Kim answered 2 years ago

Get some solid work ex in a large organisation before doing an MBA – it will give you better perspective when you go back to study.

Sreeja answered 2 years ago

Its OK. Just about everything is A-Ok!
Everybody has their own things going on to be worried about you, so don’t beat yourself up.
Travel, it is more than just trips. It opens your mind.
You are going to unlearn a lot of things, especially that time is man made.

Sonali Sinha answered 2 years ago

You are worth it! You deserve all that you hope for. Believe in yourself and love yourself. Also, its okay to make mistakes – these are opportunities to grow.

Jigisha answered 2 years ago

Travel. As far as you can and as much as you can afford.

Nang Nay Nwe answered 2 years ago

I would tell my 20 years old that it’s ok to be herself. It’s ok that she will make mistakes and those mistakes get her to where she will be in 10 years today. I want her to know that even on the days she feels lonely, I will be there for her. I want her to trust in herself and listen to her own voice more. It’s ok to let down some people along the way. Everybody is responsible for their own lives. That’s why she shouldn’t be always worrying over someone else. She should take care of herself and leave a space to breathe. No matter what she will go through, I want her to know that she has everything that it takes to move forward. I wish to send my love and hugs to her.

Bijoyini Ganguly answered 2 years ago

At 20, I was always doubting my abilities and worrying about my career goals. I would tell my 20 year old self that there are multiple ways to reach a certain goal or milestone, and there is no right or wrong way.
I would tell her to find out her strengths and polish them further – I am good at writing but somehow never explored that side of myself as much as I would have liked to.
I would tell myself to read, travel and create more – and worry less about the outcome. And I got in and out of a relationship that made 20 to 21 more about mood swings and relationship issues and less of self discovery. I would tell myself to wait for the right person and not jump into commitments fast. Its easier said than done , I know.
But I wish I knew that in the larger schema of things, very little matters. The effort I put in at 20 will matter but even if I fail once or twice, I can overcome my failures it by the time I am 30 – life gives you quite a lot of do-overs and second chances – its never do or die.

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