How to save my money better.

ForumCategory: Personal FinanceHow to save my money better.
Chimiri Joshi asked 2 years ago

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Soumya answered 2 years ago

You are in the right direction. The willingness to save and make to make it grow is the most important part.
Making your money work harder than you is always the smart choice.
Not being comfortable with managing your own savings is very common, especially among women. Somehow we perceive that we are not wired for it. But that is far from true. I would suggest that make it a practise of looking at your savings once every few week. Just look at it, no need any action.
You are lucky, thanks to Covid, there are now many user friendly apps available, which can help you select a few basic mutual funds and allow you to invest easily.
To get more comfortable with financial terms and trends, there are a few interesting instagram handles, which use simple language to explain investment opportunities.
Hope this helps.

Shalini Shrivastav answered 2 years ago

Take charge of your finances. Even though I am from the finance world and understand money, I had very little planning on the personal finance front. So knowledge is not correlated to good planning. You must just motivate yourself to do it – start with simple steps – do some reading, speak to a financial planner, think of opening a demat account, NPS account, consider the various options available to you. No whiz kid knowledge required – just simple steps and execution

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