How to deal with college related stress in the pandemic?

ForumCategory: Health, WellnessHow to deal with college related stress in the pandemic?
Shamatmika asked 2 years ago

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Chimri Joshi answered 2 years ago

Hey … firstly take a deep breath in and let it out ! College can be stressful in a normal year but now with online classes , lockdown, fighting for bandwidth, trying to stay focused’n motivated, staring at a screen, suspicious parents peeping in to check if you aren’t on Snapchat, pinning down project mates to deadlines and not seeing your boy/girl friend in person is A LOT to cope with.
But you already know that 😊. .. I was just trying to get myself in your shoes. Ok so here is some gyan
– check out the answers to a question on this platform ‘ what advice would you give your 20 year old self’
– ask your parents to sit with you for 15 minutes. Demand that for those 15 min – they silently listen to you – no phones in the room , no interruptions allowed, just their undivided attention. And share what you are feeling. The stress and anxiousness of the uncertainty of exams. They may know it already. You may have shared it already. BUT they are your parents .. so you have every right to share your feelings ( the same feelings) again and again – over and over. It will help u get it out of your system ( and spare you the acne)
– whenever you feel the ‘meh’ – ‘blah’ – ‘ whatever’ feeling .. pinch yourself. Pinch yourself hard. This might be a way for your to break the cycle of falling prey to the stress which is wanting to consume you. And then open something funny. Or every time you pinch yourself… don something weird. My mom and me sit every evening and shout as loud we can for few minutes. Just a way to release the tension right now. And in the process we end up laughing.
Hope this helps. If I think of something more will message.

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