Practical Ways For You To Boost Your Confidence At Work


An interesting survey reveals that a woman’s confidence shows a dip when an increase in experience. Sounds strange, but is true. We often undersell our talents and abilities. This is why it takes a lot for us to boost up that confidence and advance in our careers. But we aren’t usually to be blamed for this.
As a real example, I was always taught to keep my head low, talk soft, and behave meekly. In addition, I was asked to always play by the rules, work hard and never question any decision taken in my life. This behaviour transpired into my adulthood which made things worse. I always considered myself inferior to others. Never questioned any decisions imposed. Worked hard and played safe to stay out of attention, believing my efforts and talents would be rewarded. But I waited and waited only to find nothing at the end of the tunnel.
A secret to career growth is often networking. But, believe it or not, about 85% of women feel lonely at work. Socializing after work needs comprises family time which many women cannot afford. And lack of networking can lead to a stagnant career journey thus making you feel dejected. This can cause a dip in your confidence levels. Here we share some easy and practical ways to boost your confidence levels at work.

1. Goal Setting
Ask any women what they are looking for at work. And the most common answers will be the tools to upgrade and build their careers vs making more money or getting promoted. Usually, we often have a problem with bifurcating our personal and professional goals into two different sections. However, the secret lies in them combining them to create a bigger impact. If you want to get something done, set realistic goals to achieve them. Plan step by step what you would like to do in every stage.

2. An Appreciation File
We often forget about the amazing things we do at work. As we move from one project to the other, we get very occupied with deadlines and targets that we fail to realize what we are capable of. Take time off and intentionally reflect on your past achievements. This can give you the extra confidence and boost you may need for meetings or difficult conversations. Simply write down your achievements in a diary and keep going back to it. Personal wins may be big or small, however, they offer the right amount of push to your confidence.

3. See The Honest Truth
When we start working at a new workplace, we tend to see others better than ourselves. We undermine our talents and feel inferior amongst others. Though there may be differences or challenges, they should not make you weak. Break down the walls around you and try to look at the positive side of things. Be ready to face your challenges and work your way through them without compromising on your confidence.


Unfortunately, confidence isn’t sold and cannot be brought. They aren’t packed as vitamin supplements or stored in cans. It is naturally inspired by a truthful circle of people. Talk even when you don’t want to. Socialize and interact with people around you. Listen to peer stories and receive the necessary information you need to act on. In today’s world, “I know you can” doesn’t work as magically as a “We know you can”.



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