Mastering Myself a 21-day Sprint

From languishing to flourishing – that was the theme of the 21-Day Mastering Myself Sprint that we launched on 9th November. And by golly, it lived up to that promise!

A group of participants, ranging from teenage to 40s and from 3 different continents, came together to work on mastering their own selves and moving forward decisively towards their goals and desired life.

Each participant came seeking a different outcome but all took the same path going through the 21 days of discoveries, acceptance and growth. Each found their own individual light at the end of the tunnel and their own gardens of bliss. It was heartening to see participants open up and learn from each other’s experiences and insights and also motivate each other to make it to the finish line.

Participants explored the stories they told themselves and came up with their new stories. They understood why they think, feel and behave in certain ways and learned to identify patterns that don’t support them. They explored what they are holding on to and learned how to let go of the baggage that was keeping them stuck. They decided what’s important for them to focus on and where they want to go in their life.

The clarity, direction, acceptance, self-compassion, purposefulness…all contributed to enhanced confidence, an ability to express themselves better, better decision-making and a general sense of wellbeing that was amazing to see!

Most of the time, it’s easy to plan but tough to implement and build a habit for success. After the participants had clarity about where they wanted to go, they worked on creating sustaining habits that would support them. It was heartening to see all the participants start implementing and creating a habit towards their individual goals. They felt empowered to implement and build the habits they wanted with the tools and techniques they learned during the sprint.

We ended the Sprint on a high with each participant making a commitment to themselves to continue to do all that is necessary to remain in this positive and happy state of mind they had achieved during these 21 days. Given that they managed to stay the course for the entire 21-day period, we are very confident that they will indeed live up to their commitments to themselves.

When asked “What are you loving about your new self” we saw responses like:

“Not giving up on myself no matter what. Loving and accepting myself more as the way I am” and “I recognise when I need help, I love myself and accept myself and those around me

The feedback of the participants at the end of the 21 days Sprint really warmed our hearts. When we asked “How likely are you to recommend us on a scale from 0 to 10”, 100% of the participants responded that they are extremely likely to recommend! What better measure can there be about the success of the Sprint!

After witnessing their incredible journey, we are equally motivated to announce the second Sprint. Mastering Myself, a 21-day Sprint, will return in February 2022.

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