Managing a female boss

Sorry for making it anonymous, but I can’t risk my boss seeing this post 😊!!

I believe I am very competent at my job. I have progressed well in the company. It’s my first time with a female boss and I feel that she doesn’t appreciate my work. She is always sarcastic with  me , more so in front of my male colleagues/ leadership. I sometimes feels she is threatened by me. I have had tough bosses. Need tips on how to build a secure relationship with her.

2 thoughts on “Managing a female boss”

  1. Why do you feel she is like this with you? Have you had a chance to clarify your understanding with her? And? You mentioned you have had other tough bosses? How did you handle that?


  2. Hey must be tough not being able to connect with your boss. Have you tried building a relationship with her. maybe ask her out for a drink or a coffee. Maybe your styles of working are very different and it will take longe for her to trust you.

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