Life hack suggestions with lockdown #infinity

so turning to this squad for a mundane recco… with lockdown potentially being announced, any suggestions for best in class robot which sweeps and swabs.
Last time I was alone and so it really didn’t matter if the house was clean. But this time I have my parents with me. Mom will nag me to death if the house is dirty 🤦‍♀️

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  1. Last year I was in the US and bought the Neato Botvac D7 and the ILife Shinebot W400.

    My brother who lives in an apartment in the US, has an appliance that does both the vacuum and the mopping with a change of attachments. But given the size our place in Johannesburg, I realised that the cloth attachment would need to be washed and wrung so many times, I might as well mop the floor myself.

    The Ilife shine bot actually washes the floor and has 2 separate containers for clean and dirty water, doing a much better job than just mopping. But because this is much newer technology, it is not as digital as the Neato series.

    The Neato series works very well. It can even be operated from an app on your phone and my brother used to activate it, even when he was in a different state – as long as the wifi is set up at home, it can be done.

    Coming to more practical matters – how often have I used it?
    I do all the housework myself – this is not a Covid precaution thing, I’ve always done it

    I use the vaccum maybe once a month for a deeper cleanse, otherwise its just faster to use the jaadoo myself, especially on the steps and other unwieldy corners .

    For cleaning the cat fur from the carpets, someone needs to be supervising it to make sure it doesn’t get itself stuck – this is a good job to designate to the ‘man in the house’ couching it as technology related

    The shinebot also gets used about once a month. If the kitchen has oil splatters or spills, then I need to mop with soapy water as you can only use plain water in the shine bot.

    For me the biggest deterrent to using these devices is how much furniture needs to be moved around, personally its easier and faster for me to just clean it up manually.

    Hope this helps

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