I did not get the promotion I was hoping for. Should I look for another job?

My peer got promoted and now I have to report to him. He is really cocky and I’m feeling defeated. How could they do this to me? I have worked so hard to get this promotion. Should I look for another job?

8 thoughts on “I did not get the promotion I was hoping for. Should I look for another job?”

  1. In short I would say YES. We spend majority of our waking hours working, like it or not, work consumes us. Ultimately it reflects in our whole life, including health. It’s good to look beyond your comfort zone and explore new opportunities. Look for people you want to work with, with whom you feel respected and inspired.

  2. It is always difficult to have a peer suddenly become your boss. This is a tricky relationship to manage and both parties need to make an effort.
    However, if you do not feel respected by your new boss for yourself and your work, then I would first ask you, if you have been previously happy in your current job & work environment.
    If the answer to that is yes, then I would recommend that you need to discuss it with someone within the organisation. – a super boss / mentor or HR.
    Examine the possibility of reporting into someone else, working in a different team, ask about a timeline for your own promotion.
    If their answers do not satisfy you, you do not feel understood or appreciated, then its time to start looking out for something new.

  3. In continuation, I would say that each of us have that one particular core strength that no one can take away from us. That’s the key aspect that makes you stand out. So capitalise on that and never let anyone take credit for your strength. The organisation will surely be in need of that and will surely recognise and approach you for that. Meanwhile there will be others also looking out for your particular talent. That’s when you play your cards on your own terms.  Until then just focus on your skill building. Create a niche identity. Make good use of the social media.

  4. Talk to your management and see what they have to tell you. If they are committing anywhere in the near future and you feel valued then continue to stay.
    Better to make the additional stretch than start all over again in a new company and prove again.
    But if you have stayed too long and that’s hurting your market value. Then it’s time to jump on.

  5. Shalini Shrivastav

    Life is full of opportunities- if you take the plunge, the parachute mostly opens up. Be firm and know your worth.

  6. I feel that while you are looking for another Job, try to find a mentor within the firm.

    Mentors can help you see multiple perspectives of a situation.They can also help you to tackle such a situation within the firm. Having mentors helps build network within the firm.

    If you are able to build a good network, you need not look outside the firm. You will find something interesting within the firm.

    1. Thanks Soumya! Yes I don’t have any mentors and so it’s difficult to even understand where I might be going wrong. I will work on this suggestion.

  7. There’s are two things at play here

    1. your promotion and what had you not get it:  some things you could do there: get a mentor, take on high visibility projects, get a network of peers and other who will vouch for you. Essentially you create conditions for your next job.
    2. your relationship with your new boss: really look at anything worthwhile about him and what he brings in. I get your disappointment and if you are able to see beyond it do you think your life will be enriched working with him. If not time to move on

    Above all trust yourself!

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