4 thoughts on “How does one go about fundraising as part of a nonprofit?”

  1. Hi Amrita,
    I have worked / volunteered with a couple of not for profits over the years.

    a large part of what strategy to use for fundraising also depends on the scale of the organisation.

    The large well known ones have benefactors who not only donate regularly but also help them host events like black tie dinners and auctions

    The very large ones like World Vision, CRY etc – use tie ups with corporates, direct mailers, advertising etc

    Smaller scale ones rely on raffles, direct mailing to past benefactors, etc

    A feral TNR (Trap Neuter Release) organisation that I know, runs a pet boarding on the same premises – where they also help ferals in need of serious medical attention recover. Same facilities and vet contacts etc, but the boarding is a for profit revenue stream, which funds the TNR (not for profit) program.

    The UK market has all sorts from volunteers holding branded buckets at tube stations to stalls at fairs etc. Look up organisations like red nose day, blue cross etc

  2. Shalini Shrivastav

    There are also trusts, funds, foundations and multilaterals who focus on financing ‘impact ventures’. They can do different modes like debt or equity. However, this would be a long-term exercise and you would need to approach them with a formal plan of your non-profit. .

  3. Hi Amrita,

    The first step for Ngo fundraising is find out which donors are interested in your program area or the projects your organisation undertakes eg. Education, seniors, special needs disability, skilling etc. Then do a systematic analysis of various donor groups who support your specialised area – corporates under CSR, HNIs and trusts under their philanthropy plans, retail donors via crowd funding or giving platforms, etc

    Do desk research / secondary research/ news and web scan to understand why your ngo’s work would interest them. Then prepare a project plan or proposal. Reach out to the key decision maker or their team in the organisation and meet them. Pitch your plan. If compelling you might acquire several new donors! Cheers and all the best!


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