How do I get started with painting?

I have suddenly decided to become try my hand at painting. What should I begin with- oil or water colour?

2 thoughts on “How do I get started with painting?”

  1. Hi! I have been consistently doing some sketches for the last three years! I realized my painting was not as good as my sketches so I tried using brush pens which is quite similar to paint!

    My suggestion for a beginner would be to try brush pens and later when the hands are set one can gradually switch over to paint and brush!


  2. Hey there .. first thing with painting .. please put away the comparison. Often in the effort to paint like some great painter or reference piece we lose our personal creativity.

    The idea of painting is self expression. So start with from zero and let the brush lead you. Sometimes u will be surprised with the outcome. Sometimes you will hate the outcome and sometimes you will be amazed how others respond to your paintings.

    It helps to understand the medium , so read up about that maybe. I used an apps for painting .. it’s hassle free and quite dynamic.

    Be patient. Don’t expect you will become a master from the word go. Enjoy

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