How do I deal with a colleague who is manipulative?

I have a colleague who always seems to have some chaos going on in his life and he doesn’t do what’s assigned to him. I end up doing the work because we can’t let the deadlines slip. But when it comes to review meetings, he jumps right in and takes credit for the work done.

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    Sorry you are dealing with such a colleague; I guess all of us end up coming across one such slimy person at some point of time in our lives.

    I don’t know your team size, equation with your boss or how sensible/aware the team leaders are; but I could share a few ways that could help you manage this situation:
    1. If it is a bigger team (more than just you and that difficult colleague), then it’s not always your responsibility to step up for his absence. Let him slip up on something that has been assigned to him and you take a hard stand to not swoop in to save the day.
    2. While the above is happening, do bring this up to your team lead/boss or who ever is responsible for the final deliverable. The person on top needs to know who is causing the mess and who is cleaning it up. This conversation can be merely a way to apprise the bosses of how things are progressing real-time. So they understand who is causing the delay. This might make things during review time easier.
    3. Do not shy away from bringing this up during your one -on- one review time with your bosses. I always feel that if anyone in the team is unfairly aggrieved, the team leader or senior is at fault for being unable to manage his team members well.
    4. While commitment is brilliant, there is no reward for being used like this. So speak up whenever you get a chance. You know your team and work place best, but I hope this helps and good luck.

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