Highlights from our Webinar : Battling COVID – Frontline Perspective – 18 April 2021

We at Galaxshe began our monthly webinar series on the 18th of April 2021, with a frontline perspective of battling COVID.

Our panellists were Dr Smrati Bajpai Tiwari, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at KEM – who is at the forefront of this battle at one of the busiest government hospitals in Mumbai

We also had Leanne Pais, a psychological therapist and founder of The Unopened Box, who has been helping her clients deal with this new normal.

The entire session can be viewed on the GalaxShe channel on YouTube

We understand that everyone feels a bit overburdened right now, so if you do not have time to watch the whole video, here are some of the highlights.

Dr Smrati provided so much context and expert information on the current scenario in India with a focus on Mumbai.

Her Main Recommendations to slow the spread of COVID are:
1. Physical Distancing – do not meet people unless you absolutely have to.
2. Sanitise frequently when needed. Even soap & water is enough, but wash up properly.
3. Masks
– To be worn over the Mouth AND the Nose.
– Cotton mask is ok. Leave the N95’s for Medical staff who need them.
– Do Not remove your mask to talk, cough or sneeze. That’s when you need it the most!
– Double Mask if you HAVE to visit a crowded area.
4. Get yourself and your family vaccinated as soon as you are eligible and it is possible.

Double Masking is a term we have been hearing a lot about. Dr. Smrati’s recommendation was that if our daily walk / grocery trips are in open areas that are not very crowded, then a single mask would suffice. But crowded indoor spaces that are totally unavoidable like vaccination visits or such would be better to take the precaution of wearing a double mask. Dr Smrati clarified that it did not matter whether we were wearing a 3 ply medical mask or a double/triple layered cotton mask, we need to wear 2 masks in very crowded locations.

Leanne spoke about the loss of boundaries, loss of support during the pandemic and the need to pay more attention to our mental health.

The pandemic is causing a lot of burnout, grief (of loss, of identity, not being able to connect), trauma, loss of safe spaces, anxiety, depression, alcoholism, domestic violence.

Currently Fear is an over riding emotion that is a source of a lot of these issues and we need to know how to manage that for ourselves .

Leanne then went on to share some easy coping techniques, including taking the time to breathe or sigh (and release the stressful emotions), hug yourself if you live alone, look at the viability of getting a pet – even a hamster.

She even offered a few free resources on her website:

The event was appreciated by everyone who attended it and the feedback has been 100% positive.

Stay tuned for our next webinar and let us know if you have any suggestions.

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