Here Is Why You Can Be A Great Leader And Aspire For More

Here Is Why You Can Be A Great Leader & Aspire For More

Gender should never be a criterion for being a leader. Leadership is not gender-specific – it can be either a man or a woman.

One of the fundamental aspects of leadership is the ability to help team members grow and develop their skills. And women are naturally nurturing which translates to helping those around them.

I am lucky to have witnessed both gender leaders. And to be honest, women-run organisations are known to have a happier and healthier working environment. We are pure strategists. We make decisions after listening to each person’s viewpoint. Also, we are more willing to flex the rules and get things done no matter what!

Alex and Jane were colleagues and had different roles in the organisation. Both worked hard and aimed for that promotion in the upcoming month. Jane put herself all out there and spent her time improving her skill. Same with Alex. Diligent. Punctual. Responsible. These were the words that defined both these individuals. However, can you guess you got that leadership role? Well, it was Alex. Do you think Jane lacked skills, abilities or talents? No. Society is more programmed to believe that men are better leaders than women which explains the situation.

Today, the world is evolving at a faster pace. So should society get away with its traditional beliefs. It’s time to show what we are capable of. Let go of the clutches of society and fly high where no one can you. So what is that that is stopping you? Why can’t you aim to be a leader and aspire for the greater things in life? Here we give 3 reasons why you can be a great leader.

1. Fight Against The Odds
One of the prime reasons why women make better leaders are because the odds are always against them but they take that extra push to get to the top. As compared to men, women have to face numerous obstacles to reach a good position in an organisation. Thus, the gender gap boosts their confidence and forces them to work harder. And this is what makes them efficient leaders.

2. Understanding The Ego-Game
Women generally aren’t fond of boasting about their talents. Thus we display humility. It is also considered to be a female leadership trait. Also, we know how to keep our ego in check and make decisions apart from that. We exhibit ego differently which works as an advantage when dealing with customers, partners, or directors. One amazing example of this was during the Covid-19 pandemic. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern governed with humility rather than ego that helped them tackle the situation successfully.

3. Better Communicators
Did you know communication is a women’s strongest skill? And we know how to use it well too! Be it communicating to co-workers, partners, or colleagues, we showcase essential clarity. There are enough studies out there that prove women are wired to be better communicators. And this comprises interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and empathy that enable communication to have a deeper impact.


In a Nutshell
Women are perfectionists when it comes to handling work and their personal life. We wear many hats all at once balancing the various areas of our life. Thus we are more prepped and know our way around tough situations. We know how to tackle different types of issues that demand our attention. Women are fuelled with immense talents and capabilities which we need to discover with our efforts. So ladies, be the next leader in your organisation and always aspire for more! Because when you aspire, magic will happen!


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