Finding Your Calm Amidst The Chaos: Gen Z Speak

While the pandemic has unravelled its petrifying stature, sombre shades of grief, pain and distress encapsulate the daily news headlines. The surge in positive cases bring all our quiescent fears to surface and confine us within the barriers of constant fatigue and hopelessness. The pandemic has already taken a toll on our mental health, staying sane has become as challenging as staying safe. I’m aware that some of us cannot start the day without going through the latest headlines but we must not forget that constant exposure to negative news might have some unpleasant consequences on our mental well being, which is certainly the most undesirable thing in this situation! Now, the greater question that arises in this scenario is whether we can temporarily retreat from the harsh realities of the catastrophe and seek solace for a while. Amidst all the uncertainty, finding comfort can be challenging to a certain extent but not impossible.

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There might be days when you won’t feel like moving out of the bed, don’t push yourself too hard, slow down for a while, grab a wholesome tub of ice cream and binge watch your favourite TV shows for the umpteenth time. You deserve a break from the tight deadlines, assignment submissions, anxious work calls, mundane meetings and the endless household chores. While you are on a break, try not to think about all the work that is pending, relax for a while and then bounce back!



Connecting to your creative side is a great way to distract yourself for a while. Channel your artistic energy into the poem you wanted to write for the longest time, the journal which is awaiting to be adorned with your creative doodles and artwork. Try out the mandala designs which you have saved in your Pinterest gallery for months! Don’t be anxious if you are going through a writer’s block, just like all other dark phases it’ll pass too. Pick up that novel that has been lying on your shelf for ages, explore the works of your favourite author, switch between different genres! Maybe try light yet fun reads like Mrs Funnybones or Crazy Rich Asians? Bring out the Prateek Kuhad in you and make covers of your favourite songs while enjoying the breathtaking sunset view.

By now, I can assume that you have mastered the art of making Dalgona coffee and banana bread, try your hand at something new and don’t forget to share the recipes with us. Give your family a break from the regular tinde ki sabzi and treat them with a scrumptious meal! No matter how tired your mother is with your baking obsession, keep making cute cupcakes that will take care of your midnight cravings. Redecorate your room, add a cosy touch to your favourite corner. Rediscover your hobbies and generate your interest for new ones!

At a time when we are being bombarded with distressing news everywhere, the easiest way to find solace is to engage yourself in the activities that bring you joy. Make time to unwind, nourish your mental health by retreating to the things you love! Learning to cope with stress in a healthy way will make us more resilient and help us to take care of our loved ones as well.

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