Feminism in Fleabag

‘Fleabag’, being a feminist masterpiece, by Phoebe Wallerbridge, has depicted the strength of women in various ways. When we talk about this aspect in the context of the workplace, Claire, Fleabag’s older sister, is a perfect example.

With ugly personal issues, like her relationship with her father, the absence of a maternal figure in her life, the frequent fights with her sister, her relationship with her sleazy husband and raising a  teen stepson who has a strange behaviour towards her- she still perseveres at her workplace.

Out of all these problems, the one which affects her most is her miscarriage and how she deals with it. Claire, as a character, is messy and hysterical, but also uptight, poised and professional. She’s not a perfect character, but she’s so much more than just a “sister” character.

Claire is a successful head of finance for an international company and with everything that she has faced, she has managed to be the best in her professional life.

This doesn’t mean that all of us have to manage everything in the best way. We all have our own separate ways, but it sure does bash the stereotype of us not being able to “balance” our personal and professional lives.

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