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GalaxShe is a space for women, of women and by women. A space that encourages you to ask real questions, the ones that might otherwise stop at the tip of your tongue… and facilitates answers from other women who have the experience or understanding you need.
To get started, create your profile and start exploring the questions and answers. You can follow the groups/communities that interest you. You can start browsing the questions present there or find one that interests you through the various tabs on the home page. Upvote responses that you think are helpful and downvote those you think are irrelevant to the discussion. Feel free to post your own answer to a question by clicking on the “Answer” button, and if you’ve got a question for the community yourself, you can ask one through the button on the top right called “Ask A Question”.
GalaxShe is a platform meant solely for women. As such, only women who are members of the GalaxShe forum are allowed to ask and answer questions.
As specified in the Terms of Use, users are required to provide their real name and details when registering. Users suspected of sharing fake details may be asked to provide verification by the moderation team, and violators shall be banned from the platform.
The questions could be about anything women need for any role we play – career, parenting, caregiving, relationships, passions, education, finances… the answers would offer real-world insights, practical tips and a look into the minds of those who have trod the same path.

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This is your space. The more you interact with it, the more you will get out of it and the more Karma points you will earn. As you gain Karma points, you will achieve new Karma levels (Badges).

The special badges next to members’ names show their level of contribution and participation in the community. You can earn these badges by gaining karma points through the Karma points system detailed under the “Karma Points” tab. The more Karma points you have the higher you move up!
Yes, you can. To edit your question, click on the question. The question will open up on a new page and you will see the option to Edit, Delete, Close, and Report the question.
Yes, you can. To edit your answer, go to the answer and on the bottom right corner of the answer box, you will see three dots … When you hover on the dots, you will get the option to Edit or Delete your answer.
As community members, we all play an active role in ensuring that the discussion is respectful. If you find any question objectionable, you can report the question by clicking on the question and then clicking on the ‘Report’ option that appears beside the share buttons. Similarly, if you find any answer objectionable, you can report the answer by hovering over the three dots … on the bottom right corner of the answer and click on ‘Report’.
You are welcome to contribute blogs that add value to our members. The blog can be added by clicking on the “Add A New Post” button on the right sidebar. Blogs need to be a minimum of 300 words in length and you can add a relevant feature image.
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