Everyday specialness – not just a cliche!

So I wanted to write a birthday message for my mum

These are tough times, hard times, and very little cheer

How could I say something special on this day under the sun

Say it well, say something that she should hear.

I could say she’s an inspiration to many, too many

What a cliché, you might say!

Even though in this case it’s literally true, verily

All her mentees will bear testimony.

I could say her sense of adventure is phenomenal

Does she sky dive? Scuba dive? No? What then?

And I’d say show me another person who reinvents her career and her life so often

After crossing the age of 67.

I’ve always praised her resilience, she may often disagree

But resilience isn’t just about adversity, or tough times

It’s also acceptance, adaptability, a spirit that’s free

And sometimes it’s just bashing on regardless, no matter the climes

But let me pause, and tell you about her

An educator, a teacher, a mentor, the boss lady

And in another time a rescuer, a performer, a dancer

A counsellor, a mentor, and of course mother extraordinary.

I could go on and on, and I’d run out of rhymes

Specially when I think back to all our good times

Here’s wishing you a wonderful day, mother mine

Some rain, some stars, a full moon, and all the sunshine.

I wrote this poem for my mother on her birthday, because I wanted to celebrate the everyday specialness of her. We usually laud heroes and heroism, forgetting the little bits of exceptionalness peppered through our lives. My mom has an extraordinary full-time career – decades after most people retire. She’s been an educator all her working life, and the impact she’s had on the thousands of children and hundreds of teachers is evidenced by how many of them still reach out to her for guidance. She updates her skills and knowledge at a level that would embarrass most of us professionals, and networks like a pro! She was a warm and fuzzy mom when we were little, and then a supportive and encouraging one. As we grew older, she became a friend and buddy. But her singular achievement has been the embracing of everything new -the good, bad and ugly. Whether it’s been a new place and a fresh job, or traveling to brand new places (the only continent missing on her list is Antarctica!), or different skills and people, or an unimaginably stressful year of isolation and anxiety, she’s seized the day. Take a bow, mom!

2 thoughts on “Everyday specialness – not just a cliche!”

  1. What a lovely message for your mom on her birthday. She sounds like an amazing woman. Hope she had a lovely day.

    1. Kim, I’m so sorry I neglected to see your lovely message! Thank you, yes, Mom was thrilled about this, and did have a very special day.

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