Answer for How do I boost my confidence as a leader?

Great question, Aparajita. I would say that consider and leverage on the positives of starting in a new company – it gives you the ability to start with a clean slate – make the most of it. There would be no pre-conceived notions – so you can straightaway get to work on forming a good, strong impression. Also, the ‘fresh start’ is both ways – even you are new for the company as much as it is new for you – so you need to feel less intimidated by pre-established reputations of others – you can speak up and be completely forthcoming in the way people who may have been working there for years cannot. I always regret not asking questions or voicing an opinion when I was given a chance, and very rarely the other way round. So, in any forum or platform that you get in your new organization, move boldly ahead! That is the great thing about newness! All the Best!