Demystify Money – Blind Date With Your Money

In case you missed our session on Demystify Money… worry not, we have you covered! Here is the link to watch the conversation with Soumya Panda, who has been a Private Banker for nearly two decades.

The conversation was focused on keeping the talk around managing money easy and approachable. Some of the highlights were

– don’t feel pressured to know all the answers. It’s ok to ask the questions. Successful people never shy away from asking supposedly silly questions.

– like a fitness regime or a hobby, money needs your love and attention. If you find it tough, start with a weekly schedule of just looking at your bank statement.

– explore some of the new ways of getting information on financial products and platforms. Simplicity is the key buzzword of new-age finance.

– it’s a good idea for the family to sit together and details all the financial assets, insurance policies, bank accounts. Also, ensure all assets have nominees. And while you are at it, write down a will.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Soumya or the other finance stars on GalaxShe, you go ahead and ask – click on the Ask A Question button

1 thought on “Demystify Money – Blind Date With Your Money”

  1. Shalini Shrivastav

    The learnings from this session were very valuable, and at the same time, very doable and practical!

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