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Daily Dose Of Instagram Inspiration: Gen Z Speak

I wonder if my grades would shoot up if I attended college lectures as sincerely as I scroll my Instagram feed every moment. I don’t understand how Instagram becomes way more appealing when I have to attend mundane online classes and stick to tight deadlines than the times when I’m bored and have run out of things to do. I’ve lost count of the number of times I promised myself to take a five minutes break and ended up scrolling the reels section for over an hour shamelessly. *virtual high-five if you’re guilty of doing this too* But is Instagram all about aesthetic feeds, grainy vintage filters, food pictures and creative reels? 


While Gen Z uses numerous innovative ways to adhere to the ‘Instagram aesthetic’, they also use the platform to stay aware and voice their thoughts about the various socio-political issues.  Apart from the visual appeal that Instagram offers, a lot of users are using the platform to create an impact by raising their voice against injustice. 

Here are some content creators who believe in creating meaningful content and making a difference in society. Rush to their accounts and check out their work, if you haven’t already! These creators will help you to stay aware, and motivate you to dream big irrespective of all the challenges that society throws at you. Their content will inspire you to look at things from a different light and make Instagram a positive space for its users. 

Dr Tanaya (dr_cuterus

She introduces herself as a millennial doctor trained in Oxford, who raises awareness about sexual health and period myths by incorporating fun metaphors and infographics in her posts. Got embarrassing questions hovering over your mind? She has got you all covered. Her account has got all the answers which you have been asking your equally clueless best friend /sibling since puberty. She conducts weekly Q/A sessions and quizzes on her stories, which are quite informative and helpful. Living in a country where people shy away from providing sex education, creators like her are the need of the hour! 

 Source: dr_cuterus

Wing It with Ankush Bahuguna (wingitwithankush

Although he says that he isn’t a professional makeup artist, his work speaks contrary to his claims! Without paying heed to all the trolls, he promotes make-up as a gender-neutral subject. Skincare and beauty should not be associated with a particular gender. His content shatters taboos like men must refrain from makeup products as it makes them more feminine. Let’s appreciate the work of content creators like him who are playing a pivotal role in breaking gender stereotypes and creating a change in the mindset of society. 

Source: wingitwithankush

Poonam Sapra (motherwithsign

In a world that is inundated with negativity and toxicity, all you need is a creator like her! On rough days, her heart warming motherly advice will surely bring a smile to your face. The messages written on those simple white placards are generally the ones that your mother yells at you but you don’t listen! The best thing about her content is that it’s highly relatable as you have grown up hearing the same messages her placard conveys. 

Source: motherwithsign

Sakshi Sindwani (stylemeupwithsakshi)

Overcoming all the body-shaming that came her way, she emerged as a popular fashion icon who got featured in the Harper’s Bazaar cover 2019 and received the honour of Body Positivity Icon 2021 in Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards. In a world that promotes unrealistic beauty standards, Sakshi encourages thousands of women to be comfortable in their skin and accept themselves the way they are.  She promotes the much needed message that fashion and beauty is not restricted to a particular body type. Her content is inspiring and will motivate you to build up your self-esteem and embrace your individuality. 

Source: stylemeupwithsakshi

Divija Bhasin (awkwardgoat3)

‘Your friendly neighbourhood therapist’, is how her bio aptly defines her. She has taken the brilliant initiative to spread awareness about mental health, a subject that is barely acknowledged in India. She educates various significant concepts to her followers by creating reels that are a delight to watch! You are definitely missing out on some quality content if you haven’t checked out her super cool and informative posts yet! 

Source: awkwardgoat3

Ted The Stoner (tedthestoner

The witty content laced with crisp humour will surely crack you up! Apart from blessing your feed with quality humour and adorable dog pictures, he posts his opinions as ‘Ted’s 2 cents’ about the various socio-political issues that are neglected by the mainstream media channels. His pearls of wisdom will help you to gain an insight and a deeper perspective on a diverse range of subjects. His unique content will certainly blow your mind off! 

Source: tedthestoner

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju (trintrin

Though she is not a content creator by profession, her inspirational journey will certainly create a mark within your mind. Overcoming all her hardships, she followed her dreams and went on to become Karnataka’s first trans-woman doctor. Her Instagram posts are immensely powerful and intense – she has fiercely raised her concerns about the marginalised communities and the transphobia that is embedded in the basic framework of our society. Her account covers detailed information about gender affirming surgery. She shares her valuable insights on significant subjects like gender, queerphobia, sexual orientation, mental health and feminism. In my opinion, she is a phenomenal figure who is dedicated to changing people’s perspective on the trans- community and is inspiring thousands of people everyday! 

Source: trintrin

Let’s support more creators like them and make Instagram a place where people feel free to put an end to the daily facade and be their real selves! Also, don’t forget to share your favourite Instagrammers in the comments below! 

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  1. Shalini Shrivastav

    Very nice compilation! Instagram is surely the chosen platform of Gen Z – I specially liked the idea behind Sakshi’s posts and the way she has taken body shaming head on. 

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