Covid vaccine efficacy and impact on women

Does anyone understand when media throws around percentages regarding the Covid vaccine. I am confused how to use the efficiency parameter as a way to decide which one to take. Also a friends sister took the vaccine a few days back and said she got her period very early. Does the vaccine impact women like that ?

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  1. Bijoyini Ganguly

    my parents (64 yrs, 66 yrs) and housekeeper (~70 yrs) took the Covishield in March. all of them had fever – mother had a severe case of fever- all had slight pain in the upper arm where the vaccine was injected. However, after 48 hours, they were perfectly fine. They are planning to take the second dose after 2 months from first dose. They are stepping out only for exercise (walk) and essential work(if any), they continue to order-in groceries and vegetables. Its too early to understand the efficacy of the vaccine, but in my personal network, those who have contracted the virus post vaccination felt symptoms were less severe in nature. Currently the effect of period happening early due to vaccine cannot be checked in India as most of the 45+ yrs population are not relevant. I guess in countries where all demographics are getting vaccinated would be in a better position to measure the same. But periods can get pre/post poned due to variety of reasons – stress being a major one. I suffer from chronic PCOS and hence can vouch for the same.

  2. Shalini Shrivastav

    I and my husband took the Covishield vaccine exactly one week back in Mumbai i.e. last Saturday, as we are in the ‘eligible population’. Happy to confirm that no side effects for me, other than mild ache/ discomfort in the injected area for a couple of days. In my view, go for the vaccine with an open mind – we unhesitatingly accept many interventions of modern medicine for our benefit such as childhood vaccines, pain-free/ assisted birthing, fever control tablets etc. No need to overly doubt this one. Of course, do not give up Covid protocols and building up your own natural immunity and reserves. No vaccine is an absolute guarantee forever.

  3. Hey Team Galaxshe … I watched the event last evening on Covid. Thanks for asking my question. And thanks for event. It was very informative

  4. Hi Chimiri,

    We asked Dr Smrati your question on our live webinar yesterday. She said that this was not something you need to worry about.

    She specifically said that when it came to women, the only women who should not get vaccinated yet are pregnant women and lactating mothers. She also reiterated that it is not that the vaccine is harmful for these women, there is just not enough data yet to recommend it with certainty. The vaccine rollout has been so quick (within a year) that scientists and researchers do not have enough data points, YET.

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