Being authentic to myself !

My desire to leave the corporate world and follow my passion was born when I became a mother.  The  hours I spent away from my new born son made me question – Is this worth the sacrifice ? Why don’t I do something that I really enjoy ?

This intense need to be authentic to myself  led me to give up my 15 years of corporate career, along with the identity and security attached to it. I rebuild myself from scratch with the faith that  the Universe will watch my back, and it did.

Today my company, The Art Route, can proudly claim to have promoted many artists across India and abroad through various projects, exhibitions and initiatives.  My personal journey as an art promoter and curator has been  extremely fulfilling . While artists taught me to be creative and resilient , art brought me closer to spirituality.

This journey of passion to profession has not been easy. In  India, public awareness and appreciation of art is very low. Availability of funding  and infrastructural  support from government and corporates is minimal.  I have now realised how hard the art and culture industry works to get the basics done, something that many other sectors take for granted. There are many days of sweat and grit that goes behind those glamorous wine and cheese art events that you attend !

I see myself as a connecting link between the  two worlds – the  creative artists who have  decided to live by their passion and the rest of us, who are still trying to discover the true value that art provides in our lives . This challenge only makes me more determined in my mission to find a collector for every talented artist and a space for every deserving artwork. This continuous to be my mantra and my guiding force in  any initiative I take.

5 thoughts on “Being authentic to myself !”

    1. Thank You Sonali !

      Yes, my biggest satisfaction comes from the small things  – a phone call  to a young artist to tell him that his work has been sold ; or a parent of an artist touching my forehead blessing me to tell me I am doing a good job 🙂

  1. Diya Kapur Misra

    Loved reading your story, Lubna! Wish you all the best. May you go from strength and strength

    On a separate note, I would like to connect with you on the role you play in guiding budding art collectors/ appreciators as they build their personal collection.

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