Any recipes for a strawberry pie?

Any recipes for a strawberry pie? You are getting amazing strawberries these days!

2 thoughts on “Any recipes for a strawberry pie?”

  1. Take lots of fresh cream, big spoonful of sugar powder and mic it up.
    1. Buy a sponge cake ( or bake) and smash it up. Dice lots of strawberry and pile it on top of the smashed cake. Finally top it off with liberal amounts of cream.
    2. Mix wheat , milk , eggs , pinch of salt , teaspoon of sugar. Make pancakes. Add the strawberry’n cream.

    If you don’t like cream. Replace with yummy liquor’s.

  2. Strawberry Pie! I dont know how to make one but I have stalked enough small businesses in Bangalore and order from them regularly. And dont stop at pies, tarts too. Uff. I need to go and stuff my face now 😀

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