which career suits me

How do I know which career suits me?

5 favourite career coaching questions to ask As a professional coach, much of my coaching work lies in career coaching, …

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Gender Parity

What Women Can
Gender Parity

What Women Can

In a recent conversation, a female colleague used an interesting parenting term. I am trying to raise my children in …


When You Look at Me, Do You Really See Me?

‘When will the doctor come?’ the woman in the Westside kurti with perfect make up wrinkled her nose at me …

Gender Parity

Judging Beauty Contests

“Beauty Contests” – whether or not they demean women, objectify women – whether they are regressive or progressive – this …

GalaxShe Partnership
GalaxShe Partnership Opportunities

Do you run trainings, workshops or retreats for women?

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Life Lessons

focus on what matters
Life Lessons

Focus on What Really Matters

This period has been challenging for me. My family and I were looking forward to celebrating Singapore’s 57th National Day …

first impression
Life Lessons


Have you ever walked into a room and subconsciously gravitated towards that one human who makes you feel like he …


Health is Wealth, Regardless of Gender

We say our country is progressing, and indeed it is, but are …


Menstruation triggers innumerable and uncontrollable hormones. With the prevalent taboo around menstruation …

Highlights from our Webinar : Battling COVID – Frontline Perspective – 18 April 2021

We at Galaxshe began our monthly webinar series on the 18th of …

Stars of GalaxShe

Stars of GalaxShe – Catherine Yeow

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.” Surprises may come along the waySurprises that you will learn …

Stars of GalaxShe – Madhavi Pal

We’re excited to share this conversation with Madhavi Pal. She …

Stars of GalaxShe – Veena Sethuraman

We’re excited to share this conversation with Veena Sethuraman. She …


Dancing my way to 50!

Have always found dancing to be liberating, rejuvenating and soul-satisfying. Had committed to make five dance videos this year, one for each decade of the 50 years I …

Finding Your Calm Amidst The Chaos: Gen Z Speak

While the pandemic has unravelled its petrifying stature, sombre shades …

The Many Meanings of Dance

A very interesting YouTube video that I thought I must …

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Coping with Guilt & Grief

Highlights from our Webinar: Coping with Guilt and Grief

Yesterday, GalaxShe spoke with Dr Nahid Dave on Coping with Guilt and Grief. Dr Nahid Dave is a Practicing Psychiatrist …

GalaxShe Launch

GalaxShe Launch – Women Pushing Boundaries

Drum Roll, Please! GalaxShe.co formally launched on 21st March at 17:00 IST. Our theme for the event was “Women Pushing …


parenting role
One of the toughest “roles and responsibilities”​ ever

…but of course, parenting! I really dislike the aftermath of an outburst …

Build good habits
Building Good Habits amongst Children

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but …

Spilling The Tea On Gen Z : Gen Z Speak

Source: Security Sales & Integration *during a conversation*  Mom: Can you keep …

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