Life Lessons

Mental Blocks, Whirlpools and Keyboards

When resetting means “Ctrl-Alt-Del” As an educator by training, I can’t help but try to break down and find ways …

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Gender Parity


When You Look at Me, Do You Really See Me?

‘When will the doctor come?’ the woman in the Westside kurti with perfect make up wrinkled her nose at me …

Gender Parity

Judging Beauty Contests

“Beauty Contests” – whether or not they demean women, objectify women – whether they are regressive or progressive – this …

Gender Parity

Raising Our Voice for Our Rights

The teen comedy “Never Have I Ever” has dealt with one of the issues that GalaxShe wants its members to …

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Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Mental Blocks, Whirlpools and Keyboards

When resetting means “Ctrl-Alt-Del” As an educator by training, I can’t help but try to break down and find ways …

Life Lessons

Don’t Unlearn these 5 Covid Habits

Choose to Work from Wherever This was a great outcome – the collective office-going population came to the realization that …


Health is Wealth, Regardless of Gender

We say our country is progressing, and indeed it is, but are …


Menstruation triggers innumerable and uncontrollable hormones. With the prevalent taboo around menstruation …

Highlights from our Webinar : Battling COVID – Frontline Perspective – 18 April 2021

We at Galaxshe began our monthly webinar series on the 18th of …

Stars of GalaxShe

Stars of GalaxShe – Catherine Yeow

“Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.” Surprises may come along the waySurprises that you will learn …

Stars of GalaxShe – Madhavi Pal

We’re excited to share this conversation with Madhavi Pal. She …

Stars of GalaxShe – Veena Sethuraman

We’re excited to share this conversation with Veena Sethuraman. She …


Dancing my way to 50!

Have always found dancing to be liberating, rejuvenating and soul-satisfying. Had committed to make five dance videos this year, one for each decade of the 50 years I …

Finding Your Calm Amidst The Chaos: Gen Z Speak

While the pandemic has unravelled its petrifying stature, sombre shades …

The Many Meanings of Dance

A very interesting YouTube video that I thought I must …

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Coping with Guilt & Grief

Highlights from our Webinar: Coping with Guilt and Grief

Yesterday, GalaxShe spoke with Dr Nahid Dave on Coping with Guilt and Grief. Dr Nahid Dave is a Practicing Psychiatrist …

GalaxShe Launch

GalaxShe Launch – Women Pushing Boundaries

Drum Roll, Please! formally launched on 21st March at 17:00 IST. Our theme for the event was “Women Pushing …


Building Good Habits amongst Children

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but …

Spilling The Tea On Gen Z : Gen Z Speak

Source: Security Sales & Integration *during a conversation*  Mom: Can you keep …

Life hack suggestions with lockdown #infinity

so turning to this squad for a mundane recco… with lockdown potentially …

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